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Welcome at LEMON LILY, explore our handmade wooden candleholders. Multifunctional and sustainable Dutch Design.

Our Candleholders

What does LEMON LILY stand for?


All our candleholders are woodturned with great care by our local craftsmen. Each candleholder touches a lot of hands before it enters your home. To give you an idea…drying and turning the wood, sanding, adding multifunctional holes, finishing the candleholder in the colour you desire, make each gift box by hand and finally packing each candleholder in it’s proper giftbox before we ship it to you!

100% Dutch Design

Our candleholders are designed and handmade in The Netherlands. We share the Love of Design by using sustainable materials like solid beech wood. We have added extra functions to our products, so you do not only have a design object in your interior but also a multifunctional home decor accessoire. Elegancy is in the details!


We value sustainability and therefore we only use high quality wood to create our designs. The beech wood we use have a  FSC and PEFC quality mark. Besides this there’s an important factor why we have chosen to use wood. Wooden candleholders don’t break easily and they have a long life ahead of them!

Our gift sets


We are a Dutch home décor brand that originates from the city of Arnhem. A city surrounded by forests and fields. The love for nature shows in our designs and materials. Our candleholders are made out of solid beech wood and are designed and handmade in The Netherlands.

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